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“Lydia entertained the audience with a varied set of songs that had the audience engaged, clapping and at times dancing. She established a quick two-way rapport with the audience.   We hope to have her back next year. “

Cape Fear Jazz Society

“Lydia Dudley is an incredible jazz singer, pianist and songwriter with a storytelling ethos that audiences adore.” Dave Fox, O.Henry Jazz Series


Lydia Salett Dudley is located in Raleigh, NC, a product of NCCU's graduate jazz program and an advocate of jazz education especially for underserved communities.  She has had the opportunity to sit on the board of The Heart Of Carolina Jazz, host jazz competitions in partnership with various communities and local universities through her nonprofit, the Salett Art Center, Inc., and launch a songwriting and recording program for a local psychiatric facility for teens.  Her Raleigh, NC band, Lydia Salett Dudley & Jazz Xpressions, concerts will take you back to familiar jazz standards like Killer Joe, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Summertime, and Watermelon Man, just to name a few, with a modern day flair creating a nostalgic feeling for audiences who are more versed in music history and have a deep appreciation for American music.  At the same time the band's musical interpretations create enough edge to earn the interest of younger audiences who may not be quite as versed.  Their music can also travels through the 70's to include the sounds of Al Green, The Crusaders, James Taylor and more.  Last but not least, the band regularly performs original songs that merge various styles such as latin, pop and RnB flavors with the ultimate goal of promoting a clear authentic message encouraging it's listeners to keep hope alive and continue to persevere despite the turbulent days ahead.  The band has released several projects comprised of uniquely arranged jazz standards, holiday music and a array of various styles of modern jazz.  Her latest project was funded through a grant for female jazz bandleaders, provided by Chamber Music America in NY including a guided mentorship with Grammy Nominated Jazz Artist Carmen Lundy. The latest project "RISE UP" will be released October 29,  2023.  For more information please email MRPUBLISHING7@GMAIL.COM

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